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Sound familiar?

"No one will accept my work, unless I am represented."

"I have Screenplays but no one to help me get them out."

"I am ready to give up, no one wants to talk to me."

The film industry is a brutal industry for first timers, everyone needs someone in their corner.

Great news, for select clients, I can be and have been that someone. I have shared in the joys and the tears of many clients and each of them have gone on to be successful.

A manager isn't just someone who can make introductions, a manager should be their for you when you need them.


They should help you find the classes that help you develop your craft and they should help you craft your strategies for making the biggest impact possible.

Finding representation is very hard because it is such a brutal industry, managers and agents only make money when you do as such you need to be workable and working to even be considered.

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