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Personal Development

Having a good idea is only part of the process. Creating a successful and immersive story requires an understanding of what modern audiences want to see. It's also about ensuring that the various pieces of your vision fit together to form a cohesive, coherent, and compelling narrative.

As a writer it seems unfair that producers want us to do a lot of the work before approaching them.  My book Navigating Hollywood can help break down some of those elements and why they are needed.

This book reached #1 new release on Amazon while in pre-sale. It has been vetted by Sony Entertainment Television execs and has been praised as a great guide to how to be more productive in production.

Story development

Directorial Services

While working on commercials, music videos, short films, promotional videos, and documentaries, I've guided directors towards a better understanding of their audiences. I help create an impactful experience that audiences remember.


As a director it is your job to engage an audience, not simply tell a story.  Audiences buy into your film because of emotional triggers, I offer guidance and help finding those triggers.

Directorial services

Financial and Distribution planning

Having a plan for recouping investors capitol and getting your film seen will set you 10 steps ahead of your competition, pitching a great show or film idea is a long haul. 

Pitching your show idea or film with a financial plan and distribution model can make that journey a lot shorter.

I work with film makers in various ranges from $500,000 all the way up to $35 Million.

Script budgeting

Creating pitch decks is an art form in itself. It has to deliver the visuals and essential information to studios and investors in a concise and persuasive way. You have to engage decision-makers without ever meeting them.

While working on a film pitch deck based on the book To Watch You Bleed, I focused on the pre-existing audience for the book and discussed with the studio how to appeal to the established fan base and where the international appeal could be found.

Pitch Deck.jpg

Pitch Deck Creation

Pitch deck creation



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