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Why Jonathan?


If you want to make the things you want to make and not be stuck on other peoples sets...

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  • I have an idea for film but don't have the time to make anything!

  • I want to make my own content and original ideas but don't know where to start.

  • I have never made a film but I know I will be great at it.

  • I want to sell my idea to Hollywood.

Does this sound familiar?

I hear things like this all the time from new filmmakers and I am here to tell you... You can do it, you can make a market viable product and it isn't as hard as you might think.

I have been creating my own original content for over a decade...

Give that a second to sink in...


Over 10 years of making what I want to make.

I got into the film industry in 2001 as an actor on some pretty big sets, back then IMDB wasn't a thing.  You got into the industry by being in the industry and knowing people, that has changed! 

Now you can break into the film industry on your own merits and I can show you how.

If you are ready to learn what it takes to make a successful film from the ground up.  Book your discovery call today and see if our programs are right for you.


In a dystopian future the lines between VR and the real world have become blurred, humanity has withdrawn to the Virtual realm for all but basic things. VR is safe and in high definition.That is until one day during a major online event 90% of the human race is trapped, they cannot escape VR and they do not know why. One woman and her crew try to figure out what is happening, the answers they find are chilling.

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Bryant Harris

 Brown House Studios

As a indie game developer, I was having trouble coming up with a storyline for my new game. With the amazing help and concepts from Zero to Finish, not only was I able to have an amazing storyline for my video game, it allowed me to build scenes from each part of the story and develop something amazing. 


TKO Diamond Quad

3KO Entertainment

As an award winning rap artist, telling stories is something I do through my music.  Jonathan and Zero to Finish helped me develop some of my stories into film scripts.

Jonathan knows how to take random ideas and turn them into films like no ones business, highly recommended.


Jim Cornwell, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

The Real Shot Doc

As a doctor I always put my focus on the technical aspect of work, this transitioned to my photography and videotography.  I could make perfectly technical shots but I was missing out on the story behind the image.  After working with Jonathan I gained a new confidence in my ability to capture the story and it really brought my work to life.


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